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Smoke Alarm Safety

Smoke Alarm in home

Smoke detectors are an essential tool for all homes. They save lives by providing an early warning in the event of a fire, giving you and your family the best chance of escape.

From 1st July 1997 the installation of mains powered smoke alarms became mandatory for all new residential buildings (or residential building extensions) within Western Australia and since 1st October 2009 mains powered smoke alarms must also be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to the transfer of ownership or rent.

A licensed electrical contractor is required to install or disconnect any mains powered smoke alarms.

What many people don’t realise is that smoke alarms require replacement every 10 years. According to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, after 10 years, the efficiency of your smoke alarm may be compromised with accumulated dust, airborne contaminants and corrosion of electrical circuitry.

To keep your smoke alarms in the best working order regular smoke alarm maintenance is recommended:

Smoke alarms should be tested monthly to ensure they are in good working order. Test by holding down the test button until you hear a loud alert tone, then release. Use a broom handle if you cannot reach but be careful you do not damage the smoke alarm.

It is recommended, that you should replace your 9 volt battery each year on 1st April. All smoke alarms – including mains powered alarms – have batteries. If your alarm has a 9 volt user-replaceable battery, you will need to replace the battery each year.

At least once a year you should also vacuum around your smoke alarm vents with a soft brush attachment - this will remove any build-up of dust and cobwebs and also use a surface insect spray around the smoke alarm to prevent insects nesting inside. Do not spray inside the smoke alarm.

Is it time to have your smoke alarms tested or replaced? 1st Dibbs Trade Services licenced and experienced tradespeople are fully qualified to test and install hard wired smoke alarms in your home or rental property.

For more information on the range services we offer, contact Dave on 0417 875 025.

Source: Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA


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