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Do You Need a Licenced Electrical Contractor?

The answer to this question is simple - doing your own electrical work or employing anyone without the qualifications to do it for you, is not only dangerous, it is also against the law and could void your insurance should an accident occur due to a fault from electrical work.

Although, basic electrical work may look straightforward, anyone without an electrical license should not attempt anything other than changing your light bulbs.

Electricians licensed in Western Australia must adhere to strict safety standards and procedures, which are regulated by legislation. This ensures that all electrical work carried out complies with the Australian New Zealand Wiring Rules (AS/NZS3000) and other relevant standards which provide criteria for how electrical work is to be carried out.  This means consistency across the board should your home require further electrical work in the future and protecting the safety of consumers and electricians.

Did you know, 1st Dibbs Trade Services are a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Whatever your requirements, our qualified tradespeople are available to carry out all types of residential electrical work.

· Oven, cooktop and hotplate installations

· Lighting installations

· Smoke alarm installation and service

· RCD’s and safety switches

· Installation of power points, switches and dimmers

· Installation of airconditioning units, ceiling fans and exhaust fans

· Testing and tagging of electrical equipment

Whether it’s small scale electrical or a full renovation and rewiring, 1st Dibbs Trade Services look forward to discussing your electrical requirements.

For more information on the range of services we offer and how 1st Dibbs Trade Services can assist you with your project, contact Dave on 0417 875 025.

Electrical Licence Number EC013642


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